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 Sizes and Styles

At Gypsy Tents we design and manufacture tents of all shapes and sizes for every indoor or outdoor needs. Tent styles range from small 3’x5′ childrens tent to large 27’x44′ pavilion style tent. Each tent is made to order, so while we offer our most popular sizes in our catalog and price list, we can also customize to the exact size you need.

We pride ourselves on the quality of construction and materials used in our tents. Keeping tradition alive, we use old world weaving and dyeing methods, hand carved wood block printing and hand forged iron frames.

Gypsy Tent design and manufacture

 Fabrics and Design

Our tent fabrics are 100% hand woven cotton which are hand dyed, block printed and sewn by hand. With a high level of attention to detail we separate ourselves as one of the best quality, design driven tent manufacturers in the world. 

We are based in Newport Beach, CA where we provide beautifully designed tents for private gardens, hotels, resorts, event planners, weddings, festivals, Movie & TV sets and Glamping properties around the world.