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Best Customers

We love our customers! Not just because they give us business; but because we believe our tents really deliver a unique custom product that they created through our design process and no two are ever the same! Its a daunting leap of faith our clients take to trust that a workorder is going to turn […]

Glamping at Home

Glamping. We all by now know what this blend of the words Glamorous and Camping is all about. You travel to some exotic destination in the jungle, desert, mountains or seaside and stay in a well appointed canvas tent that has all the amenities of a luxury hotel (well almost). Our Glamping tents boast a […]

Tent for Coachella

Coachella, the famed music and arts festival held every Spring at the Empire Polo Club in Indo CA, kicked off this past weekend. While we ourselves were not there, many of our tents certainly and proudly were! Over the years we have had several clients design custom tents for musical and art festivals like Coachella. […]

Glamping Tents – Glamping Goals

We all have goals right? Maybe it’s to climb Mt. Everest. Maybe it’s to take the ultimate African Safari. Maybe its to sit around an open fire making smores camped beside a beautiful lake with the best people you know…your family and friends. We love these goals and want them for ourselves here at Gypsy […]