Tent Accessories

Diagram of where tent accessories are located

Our custom options allow you to make your tent truly one of a kind and exactly to your desired style and feel.

If you don’t see an option here you are looking for, please let us know and our design team can help you create what you want or need. We can create custom business logos as block prints or embroidered flags for example. We can make any size or shape tent per request. 


 Pole Covers

 Pole covers have three options; solid color, candy cane stripe  or color bands. Pole covers can be ordered separately to create different looks for your tent as needed.

Striped or solid colored pole covers.


Roman Roman style tent valances. The valance is the most visible of tent accessories and thus sets the theme of a tent. There are five standard valance styles to choose from; Roman, Box, Fishtail, Waves & Triangle. Once the valance selection has been made there are a few other options to consider.

A valance can be or have:

  • a solid color
  • contrast color piping
  • block print design stamped on each of the sections 
  • embroidered mirrors on each of the sections
  • double layering for a richer look (either contrast colors or double layer of same color)


Box Box style tent accessories.
Fish Tail Fish Tail
Waves Waves shaped valance
Triangle Triangle shaped valance


 Cotton or poly tassels can be attached to the backside of the valance. They are approximately 3” long and hang between each break in the valance design. Tassels can be solid or a mix of two colors. They attach with a simple hook and eye. 
Solid and multiple color tassels.

Voile Curtains

Drapes solid colored drapes Curtains create privacy, shade, warmth and beauty. Curtains are available in all of our solid or printed fabrics. Solid curtains are made of cotton voile while printed fabric drapes are a light cotton sheeting. There are two curtains per pole and they attach on either side of the pole with a string tie. We recommend you order two or three different sets of curtain colors per tent so that you can change the style and mix match them. 


Tent Walls We offer two types of walls; solid roll up walls and open arch walls. 

Roll up walls tie to the horizontal supporting poles and are manually rolled up and secured with ties. Rolled walls allow you to individually open up a tent section from pole to pole.

Tent walls are made of cotton canvas on the exterior and are lined with cotton sheeting on the interior. Walls can be striped, banded or solid colored. 

 Open arch walls provide a more exotic look than a traditional solid wall and are our best selling wall for the Kensington style tent.

An additional option when considering walls is a Canopy. A canopy is 10’ long by 7’5” wide and attaches to two poles creating the canopy/walkway. The canopy creates a walkway before entering the actual tent.  The canopy, just like a wall will have an exterior canvas and interior cotton lining. Additionally, a canopy has a valance that matches the tent.


Tent Walls