Tent for Coachella

Coachella, the famed music and arts festival held every Spring at the Empire Polo Club in Indo CA, kicked off this past weekend. While we ourselves were not there, many of our tents certainly and proudly were!

Over the years we have had several clients design custom tents for musical and art festivals like Coachella. Whether it be for a business, a sleeping tent, a lounge spot or a vendor tent we have been there to make sure our clients vision comes to life for their tents.

One of the wonderful things about our tents is that our clients can purchase new singular parts to the tents giving them an entirely different vibe/feel each time. One frame is all you need  to keep bringing a fresh look. Being able to give clients this service helps us to continually be creating new colors and patterns for the tents.

Our hand embroidered products, like block printed gold stars with embroidered mirrors in the center, help bring the desert sky alive each night as candle or lamp lights make the interior ceilings twinkle and shine! Its this kind of attention to details that allows our clients to really reach outside the box when designing their tents.

When it does come time to get a few winks, then our roll up solid walls create privacy and security.
Likewise our open arch walls create an exotic desert vibe transporting you to the Moroccan or Arabian sand dunes.

The ultimate desert festival experience is for those clients who purchase our Glamping Tents. Luxuriously boasting a front porch, bedroom, storage trunks AND a separate bathroom area with bathtubs, sinks and toilets; this tent is for the posh and prepared!

No matter how you festival, we have you covered! Cheers to all of you at Coachella!

          Glamping Tent, Interior