Fairs and Faire Tents for the Summer


Company Logo on Arch Walls

If you attend year round Fairs and Faires for your business, you know Summer is the best and worst.

Crowds are up, but so is the heat! There are few places to stay out of the sun as most events are in outdoor venues.

We hear this all the time from our customers. They are ready to not only promote their business in a prominent and personalized way, they are also ready to keep themselves and their employees more comfortable and thus in a better mood to work.

Since every tent we make is custom designed to the clients needs, they really stand out among the competition. Hand embroidered logos on banners or the roof band are beautiful and great advertising. A recent new customer had the logo block printed on the curtains so they would really stand out in the crowd.

From hand embroidered mirrors that twinkle in the sunlight to bold and dramatic color combinations our tents always bring in the crowds. Even if its to beat the heat, they are now in your “store”!

No two customers and no two tents are ever the same. This makes our job fun!

Need a grand entrance canopy? A unique size? Extra fabric for tabletops or pillows?  A waterproof tent?

There is no request too big or small and that is what makes Gypsy Tents a great business partner.

We hope to hear from you soon and good luck with the Summer season of fairs and faires everyone!

Custom Block Printed Logo Curtains