FALLing into Autumn


An Autumn Dinner Party

Autumn doesn’t really arrive to Newport Beach until mid October. Suddenly the Santa Ana winds sweep in carrying the mistral to Southern California. Hot desert winds clash against the cool Pacific Ocean breezes and instantly create an Autumn vibe as leaves float off the trees and chowder is back in Season!

This is one of the best times of the year for entertaining not only in Southern California but everywhere! Autumn conjures up celebrations from football parties to mountain getaways to cozy dinner parties by the first fire of the season.

Gypsy Tents attends all of these events by having your tailgate party covered to your backyard dinner party with bonfire to even a beach clam bake. Tents aren’t just for cover, they also create a space to come together under!

No matter where you live, outdoor living and celebrating can go on all year with a tent overhead!

Share with us what favorite Autumn traditions you look forward to every year!