Glamping Tents – Glamping Goals

glamping tent for camping in style and luxury

We all have goals right?

Maybe it’s to climb Mt. Everest. Maybe it’s to take the ultimate African Safari. Maybe its to sit around an open fire making smores camped beside a beautiful lake with the best people you know…your family and friends. We love these goals and want them for ourselves here at Gypsy Tents. However, we don’t want creepy crawly bugs, mosquitoes bites, ant bites, unknown source bites and the bite of the cold air come 3am out in the woods.

But what if outdoor camping had a tent quite like no other we imagined?

What if it had a real bed inside, and a desk to write on your tablet or journal? Sorry, we can’t guarantee wifi on this camping trip. You are obviously writing about this amazing camping trip and oh a real toilet, sink and shower INSIDE your private tent. Yes there is fresh coffee in the morning right in your tent and breakfast on your front porch, in a chair, wrapped in a nice warm blanket.

Glamping is here!

That once sounded crazy but the word about Glamping (Glamorous Camping) is out and spreading fast among those who just don’t like to wake with a rock in their back on hard ground and a half mile away walk to any sort of rest room. Those days are over. Our Glamping tents put you right in the middle of nature with all the creature comforts of home.

lots of room in this tent to relax in comfortOk no, it doesn’t exactly “pop up” or assemble with a foot pump in 6 minutes.

No, this is a tent that you might assemble and leave somewhere for the season. Glamorous Camping (Glamping) is literally popping up all over the world. Our clients are using them for African Safari Camps, Remote Beach Camps, Music Festival Accommodations, Desert Camps in Joshua Tree, Nature Preserves in India or Island Resorts in the Mediterranean and South Pacific Seas. You find the destination and we will provide you with the Glamping Tent you need!

What’s your Glamping Experience?

If you have had a Glamping experience already, we would love to hear about it! What did you like about the tents and what recommendations you might offer for better design and function. Now lets get Glamping!