Glamping at Home

Glamping. We all by now know what this blend of the words Glamorous and Camping is all about. You travel to some exotic destination in the jungle, desert, mountains or seaside and stay in a well appointed canvas tent that has all the amenities of a luxury hotel (well almost).

Our Glamping tents boast a covered front porch, large bedroom fitting a queen bed, desk, nightstands, reading chair and a walled separate bathroom. We have sold our Glamping tents all over the world for several different uses and styles. Each is custom designed to the exact specification of the buyer for their encampment. They are amazing and we are proud to be part of the unique experiences that Glamping offers.

However, not everyone can travel to these destinations to get the Glamping experience. It turns out that most Glamping destinations aren’t the same cost as a weekend at the local camp ground 😉 It also turns out that not everyone wants to travel to have the same experience.

SO, we offer you Glamping at Home! Yes, we will custom design a tent of your size and specifications for the backyard, garden, back pasture or by the pool. The tent can still have a covered front porch to host your rocking chairs or sun loungers for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors while protected from rain and sun.

Then you can have an interior room for hosting dinner parties, barbecues, spa like massages or a hip lounge to hang with friends and family.

Glamping is one of the next big things in adventurous travel and unique travel experiences but it doesn’t mean you can’t stay at home and enjoy some of the same luxuries. In fact it might be even less stressful and more relaxing to invite friends over and Glamp at home!