Spring into Summer

Its that time of year again! Spring has sprung and we are all peering out the back windows to see what shape our backyards, pool areas and barbecues are in after the Winter months.

As you begin the Spring cleaning think about how to further enhance your outdoor vibe this year. Maybe its time to upgrade the grill, buy new outdoor furniture, add the spa or relandscape with mediterranean fig and olive trees or California style succulents or Southern magnolias.

No matter what you decide all of these projects are only enhanced with the cover of a custom designed tent or cabana.

Need added shade but don’t want to go through construction? We got ya covered.

Need a chic cabana by the pool to house a bar and barstools? We got ya covered.

Need a peaceful retreat in the garden when the Sun is too warm but a long outdoor nap in the afternoon following a picnic is calling? We got ya covered.

No matter what style, theme or decor you have in the garden or by the pool we can add that final touch.